Workshop Leader Certification

At Assessments 24x7, the quest to ensure our members are the most knowledgeable and best equipped consultants continues with our revolutionary DISC Workshop Leader Certification! Developed by an in-house team of assessment industry professionals, with over 80 combined years of experience in public speaking, group training and curriculum development, our DISC Workshop Leader Certification equips consultants with both the know-how and tools to confidently lead five different immersive courses. Whether your next workshop is for a group of 5 or 500 participants, you need the confidence and content that normally only come after months - or even years - of research and development. What if you could have it all now?


"Great things in business are never done by one person; they're done by a team of people."

~ Steve Jobs, business magnate


DISC Workshop Leaders possess a premier turnkey solution to lead five different workshops (full or half days) rooted in DISC’s invaluable lessons for improved self-awareness, effective behavioral adaptability and persuasive communication. Each of our DISC Workshop Leaders receive the guidance and ready-made materials to lead live workshops on the topics: Self-Awareness & Communication, Transitioning from Peer to Leader, Trust-Based Leadership, Making Teams Work, and Sales Optimization. Learn more!



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