Workplace Strengths

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The Workplace Strengths report is a straight-forward, low-cost assessment designed for use at the outset of any hiring and selection process. This DISC & Hartman-based tool deals primarily in broad brush strokes, applying either a "satisfactory" or "cautionary" rating to four universally important workplace questions:

  • How is this person likely to work with other people?
  • How is this person likely to behave when under stress and pressure and how might that impact their ability to engage and to be effective?
  • Can this person prioritize their activities?
  • Will this person likely accept accountability for their own actions?

Through the scores and the report details, Workplace Strengths offers suggestions for hiring and selection personnel to guide discovery of potential risks and likely strengths which may impact the candidate's fit in both the position and the team or organization.

Due to its broad applicability, Workplace Strengths is ideally suited to be a first line assessment to be a useful resource in evaluating potential hires. Once a candidate's education and experience have been verified, the Workplace Strengths assessment allows decision makers to evaluate the applicant pool quickly, asking consistent and relevant questions to determine which candidates should move forward in the selection process.

Workplace Strengths (Sample Report)