"For my money, Assessments 24x7 is the best assessment resource in the business!”

Don Hutson, CEO, U.S. Learning, Inc. and Author of NY Times International Best-Sellers: "The One Minute Entrepreneur" and
"The One Minute Negotiator"

"Quality and professionalism are hallmarks of my business, so I extensively researched the world's leading DISC providers before choosing the Assessments 24x7 DISC assessment. Their reports are superior in both content and presentation. I was especially impressed with the quality of the reports' modern design and engaging graphics. This is a product I am proud to offer as part of my consulting work. The "icing on the cake" is I can fully personalize the reports with my business name and logo. Thank you Assessments 24x7 for a great tool!"

Donna Bell, Business Coach, Vitality Leadership

"Assessments 24x7 is the gold standard for assessment technology. Their interfaces are intuitive, their support is best in class and their staff are remarkably knowledgable."

Stephen Moore, Business Consultant, The Ovation Group

"Looking for a one-stop-shop for all your business assessment needs? I recommend that you check out Assessments 24x7 for the tools you can use in your organization."

Deb Calvert, Executive Coach (People First), Author, Speaker

“Our Fortune 100 Insurance Company uses Assessments 24x7 Leadership Assessments for our premier Leadership Development program, which all new leaders are invited to attend. The reports are in-depth and thorough, and provide an exceptional foundation of self-awareness for our participants. Assessments 24x7 has been a tremendous partner to work with on this project and has bent over backwards to help us customize the reports to our specifications and create an efficient administration process. The level of responsiveness, dedication and service have been above and beyond, and we highly recommend Assessments 24x7 to others who may be searching for an assessment provider."

Kristin M. Stevens, Fortune 100 Insurance Company

“We have been building our DISC business for the last 7 years and I was initially hesitant to move away from the product that we knew so well. As it turns out, not only was Assessments 24x7 comparable, they're better on many levels.

First, their pricing is better. Second, the incredible level of personal service that they offer us is refreshing-- they have a very quick turnaround on our many requests. And, last but not least - their platform is very user friendly with video training to help you. Their free training materials include audios, videos, and PowerPoint that help you understand DISC at a much higher level. What more can I say? This is a HUGE win for ActionCOACH!"

Heather Christie, ActionCOACH, "The Americas Coach of the Year" 2010 Award Recipient

“Thank you for the inspiring DISC Certification training. This training has helped me see DISC in a practical, hands-on way. As a result, I've brought my client DISC debriefings to a whole new level. Recently it helped me earn a new $10,000 contract!"

Andrew Cussons, ActionCOACH

"I wanted to share with you the amazing breakthroughs I am achieving with your Hartman Value Profile report so far. I had one of my most difficult clients take this assessment. When he gave me feedback, he said he was surprised at how accurate it was. He actually came forth and highlighted the areas he felt were his greatest personal challenges. From a coaching point of view this was a major breakthrough in his self-awareness. It's given me added credibility."

Jaymini Mistry, Business Coaching Melbourne

"I applaud Assessments 24x7 for providing industry-leading tools that not only help coaches and executives, but in my case, will help me prepare the next generation of business leaders to reach their full potential!"

Charles Mitchell, Academy4Biz.com

"That time with you changed my life. It is amazing how just really acknowledging what is going on with my world made it all change. Within a month I quit the team I was on, made big changes in my effort for work and what I expect from people. I had let altruism go way too far with way too many people and I was just miserable (yet feeling like I was helping...crazy !). My boundaries are stronger, my vision clearer, and my life more on track. Huge!!! I want everyone to be armed that way and in control of their own destiny. What a gift!"

Tamera Phallan, Realtor ® with Team Parodi at Realty Associates

"The Advanced Certified Practitioner (ACP) journey was enriching, empowering and an exponential growth experience!

Lou Figueroa, Omega Mindset

"I highly recommend the Assessments 24x7 DISC Certification program. I found the virtual training portion to be very engaging and user-friendly. The content and how it's presented, in bite size chunks, creates the mental space to retain what you're learning. Additionally, their customer service has been impeccable and very responsive."

Alicia Reece, 3P Coaching Solutions

"Assessments 24x7 gets it! From the moment I found them, read through their website and spoke with their CMO, it’s crystal clear they have a unique vision to help coaches focus on what they do best, while Assessments 24x7 takes care of providing the training & marketing tools to enhance your business. They strive to create a mutually beneficial relationship by offering lower prices with cumulative purchases, free white-label accounts, an extensive catalog of validated assessments and some of the best customer service I’ve experienced — but that's just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. I can’t wait to see what’s next!"

Catherine D. McAnally, CEO, Joshua Tree Coaching & Consulting, LLC

“Assessments 24x7 knows assessments like no one else on Earth! They've been at it for more than a quarter century and they have it down to a science. You couldn’t ask for a better business partner!”

Steve Marx, CEO, The Center for Sales Strategy

“I highly recommend Assessments 24/7 and Dr. Tony’s super customer-service focused team of professionals. The assessments tools that they've developed are amazing and effective for getting to the root of the communication challenges that individuals and team members experience.

As a result of their innovation, collaboration and abundant-thinking, I have developed yet another vertical in my business’ offerings…career coaching. Here is to your success!”

Barb Kyes, Business & Executive ActionCOACH, Best–selling Author, Managing Partner at ActionCOACH Tampa Bay ('highest performing firm' award in 2011).

“I have been using the Assessments 24x7 DISC assessment for almost a year now and wow, what a difference it has made in my speaking and coaching business! As a coaching company with 17 coaches we all help our clients hire people for their teams, each client is given a specific URL that allows their coach as well as the client to review DISC assessments. It has been tremendous in streamlining our clients' hiring processes and while keeping each coach involved.

As a company the service has been invaluable and has been worth every penny to be able to provide these great assessments to our audiences as well as our coaching clients!”

Verl Workman, Workman Success Systems

“We believe so strongly in the value of Dr. Tony Alessandra’s program within an organization, that we have added it as a supplement to all of our clients in Grant Cardone Sales Training University!"

Jarrod Glandt, VP Sales, Grant Cardone Enterprises

“The online assessments at Assessments 24X7 are so easy to use! Their team is so prompt and responsive to whatever I need. The assessments are very cost effective but the most important thing is the customer service that I have been receiving for several years now. I know that if I call, my assessment needs will be met promptly and professionally!"

Dr. Wendy Combs, Regional Director of Organizational Development, Dignity Health

“Assessments 24x7 has set up an amazing center that provides consultants like myself with tools to help others improve their effectiveness. I’ve known Dr. Alessandra for the past five years, and his company has been very responsive to my needs!"

Bob VeVerka, President, Professional Learning System

“I use the assessments provided by Assessments 24x7 to grow sales, help my clients better understand their strengths and build on those strengths. I can always find the right assessment. The support I receive is outstanding and when I have questions on a particular assessment, I can always pick up the phone and get the answers I need. I recommend, when you need assessments, you give Assessments 24x7 a try!”

Ron Finklestein, President & CEO, AKRIS Inc.

“Assessments 24x7's DISC & Motivators assessment service and customization is the best framework I have ever used. Their flexibility and terrific customer service allows you to look like a champ without revealing the secrets to your success! Their customer service is frankly unmatched in the industry. They have bent over backwards for me and helped me become more efficient than ever! And you can personally brand your own assessments too! Simply unbelievable!”

Steve Sisler, CPBA CPVA, The Behavioral Resource Group Inc.

“Assessments 24x7 is an incredible resource for business owners who want to offer assessments to their customers. They offer an array of high-quality assessment instruments. Plus they provide exceptional customer service and IT support to host your own assessments. After YEARS of struggling to develop this capability myself, I’m extremely happy Assessments 24x7 offers this easy-to-use service!”

Faith Ralston, CEO Play to Your Strengths, TalentQuiz.com

“I have been using Assessments 24x7 with ActionCOACH for some time. My investment with Assessments 24x7 has been far cheaper than other options and everything they offer can be pesonalized to your brand. They also offer a variety of assessments to choose from. Even their online admin pages are straightforward and easy use. End users find it simple to access the link and complete their assessments. Each report is very detailed, yet straightforward and presented simply for the user to understand. Therefore, I can highly recommend the use of Assessments 24x7!”

Mark Carn, Business & Executive Coach, ActionCOACH

“We originally contacted Assessments 24x7 to explore migrating one of our key assessments from a big-name platform to a leaner, more flexible one. Assessments 24x7 worked out all the details for us and we were very pleased to see how their team managed the migration. Eight years later, we are still working with Assessments 24x7. They have always been flexible and pleasant when accommodating our unique needs!”

Jamie Grettum, Senior Project Leader, The Ken Blanchard Companies

"The Assessments 24x7 DISC assessment is one of the most useful coaching tools I've ever used. My clients see them as being very beneficial to their future development (both on a personal and professional level). Additionally, the support I continue to receive from the Assessments 24x7 team is tremendous!"

Andreas Nest, Certified Business Coach & DISC Practitioner

“Confidence — that is what I love about working with Assessments 24x7 — the confidence I have in their team, their back office, their excellence in support-and-service and their "can do" approach to our requests! Our business relies on them and I always know that we are in very capable hands. Thank you Assessments 24x7!”

Liz Hanson, Client Director, Athlete Assessments

“Assessments 24x7 has been BETTER than excellent to work with. When they say they are going to do something- they do it!

The assessments focused on hiring and selection, team building, and sales training are very valuable. Their purchasing, delivering, taking and reporting processes are all very streamlined and SIMPLE. I am very pleased that Assessments 24X7 and ActionCOACH have developed this relationship!”

Greg Thompson, Business Coach, ActionCOACH

“As part of our final testing process, I personally took one of Assessments 24x7's DISC assessments last night to review content, wording, glitches, etc. I have to say that I've always been intrigued by DISC assessments, but after reading my results last night...WOW! It was amazing at how accurate the information pinpointed my natural and adapted styles. My wife and I read throughout the reports together and shared many laughs, at my expense, as to how accurate the information was describing my style.

As I read through the DISC report, the phrases, the word choices, my strengths, my tendencies, my motivators, I thought... THIS ASSESSMENT IS A MUST!"

Joseph Roqueplot, Financial Controller, JaneCo's Sensible Solutions

“Assessments 24x7 exceeded my expectations. When I was in need of credible and affordable assessment training, they delivered. I consider them a business partner. Assessments 24x7 provided credible resources for me as a business coach and as a workplace learning professional!"

Steve Graham, VP Marketing, Radio America

"Thank you so much for my DISC report. It is the first profile that I believe accurately plots my behavior!"

Ken Voges, In His Grace Inc.

"The online certification process is intuitive and guides you through the process in easily understandable segments. What I also like about the course and certification process is that by giving credits on your first batch of assessments, the course pays for itself. Best of all, once you have had your one-to-one certification call, you have a wonderful product you can market to your customers with confidence."

Day training
"I recently attended the one-day DISC and Motivators Practitioner Course. It was well worth the investment. Cathy Hanson presented the course with gusto and made sure that we all were fully engaged in learning and also having some fun. There is so much depth to the reports and I learnt so much. I am looking forward to making DISC and Motivators a core part of my coaching business."

Hamish Robertson, ActionCOACH

"Not only did I get a better understanding, I received a degree of mastery and personal transformation. You've exceeded my expectations!"

Lorraine Terry, LivingByDesign Coaching

"Within the Healthcare industry, providing high-quality services is the key to success. Assessments 24X7 has given us and our partnering healthcare clients the ability to better identify the areas of opportunity surrounding the development of their people and thus, the increase in the quality of the services they offer. Their online platform is straight forward, easy to use and allows for seamless deployment of the various assessment tools they offer. My team and I have used the assessment products offered by Assessments 24X7 for over five years now and couldn't be happier!"

Jack Burt, Principal, Senior Living Hire Impact

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