Learning Styles Certification & Training

Coaches and trainers possessing an expertise in Learning Styles can optimize an organization’s internal training programs and management practices, while heightening individuals’ self-awareness. When leadership teams understand how their direct reports best learn and retain new information, they’re empowered to unlock new efficiencies at almost every level - from on-boarding and training, to daily coaching. Like our other popular Core Assessment certification programs, your Learning Styles Certification training will focus on teaching you the fundamentals of using this insightful instrument in real-world situations.

What does each enrollee receive?

  • An authoritative Learning Styles Certification program designed to increase your practical understanding of the Learning Styles assessment. The program incorporates both private academic study and one-on-one tutelage (via phone, Zoom or Skype) with our certification trainer.
  • Our Coach Mentor program provides you with ongoing, situational support — even after you've completed your certification training.
  • Receive your own personal Learning Styles report debrief from one of our trainers ($150 value)
  • You are added to our online International Directory of Certified Practitioners.
  • PDF Certificate of Completion (upon course completion.)
  • JPEG Badge of Certification for your website, email signature and misc digital marketing (upon course completion.)
  • Consultant Admin Account (CAA) if you don’t have one already.
  • SILVER LEVEL pricing. Receive discounted SILVER LEVEL pricing with the purchase of this (or any assessment certification). You will receive this pricing discount for the entire assessment catalog.
  • 10 Learning Styles assessments that you can use internally or re-sell to offset your certification investment.

Course Summary (10 hours)

  • Take the Learning Styles Assessment
  • Review the pre-work reading and handouts
  • Complete the Rapid Skill Builder Learning activities and videos
  • Receive your personalized Learning Styles debrief with A24x7 Trainer
  • Review the online Learning Styles resources
  • Study the Learning Styles Debriefing Guide
  • Complete the Admin Site Tutorial and Marketing Consultation
  • Final Learning Styles Evaluation with A24x7 Trainer


Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

  • SHRM: 10 Credits
  • HRCI: 7 Credits
  • ATD: 10 Credits
  • ICF: 4 Core and 13.5 RD


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Learning Styles (Sample Report)