Hartman Value Profile Certification & Training

Based on Robert S. Hartman’s formal axiology, the Hartman Value Profile (HVP) assessment measures each individual’s unique “thinking style”. An individual's thinking style is defined by their problem solving strengths, their problem solving struggles and their ability to avoid the blind spots associated with situational bias. In essence, the HVP assessment measures - with uncanny accuracy - an individual's unique thinking approach.

You will learn about the three core thinking dimensions: Intuitive Thinking, Practical Thinking and Conceptual Thinking. You will also learn about HVP’s six sub-dimensions: Empathy, Self Esteem, Practical Judgment, Role Awareness, Systems Judgment and Self Direction. Additionally, you will learn how to interpret the HVP report’s thinking style insights about problem solving aptitude, thinking style communication, prioritized thinking style strengths, and areas in need of development.

What does each enrollee receive?

  • The 10-hour authoritative program designed to increase your practical understanding and professional application of the Hartman Value Profile assessment.
  • Our Coach Mentor program provides you with ongoing, situational support — even after you've completed your certification training.
  • Receive your own Hartman Value Profile assessment & report debrief ($150 value) by your Coach Mentor.
  • Hartman Value Profile Trainer Materials (including the HVP Debrief Guide and HVP PowerPoint presentation) that you can use in your own coaching/training business.
  • You are added to our online International Directory of Certified Practitioners.
  • PDF Certificate of Completion (upon course completion.)
  • JPEG Badge of Certification for your website, email signature and misc digital marketing (upon course completion.)
  • Consultant Admin Account (CAA) if you don’t have one already.
  • SILVER LEVEL pricing. Receive discounted SILVER LEVEL pricing with the purchase of this (or any assessment certification). You will receive this pricing discount for the entire assessment catalog.
  • 10 Hartman Value Profile assessments that you can use internally or re-sell to offset your certification investment.

Course Summary

  • Take the online Hartman Value Profile assessment
  • Receive your personal HVP report debrief from your trainer
  • Read the Understanding Hartman Value Profile document
  • Read the Measurement of Value Excerpt and Unlocking the Mystery of HVP
  • Review the online Resources for HVP Trainers and study the HVP Report Debriefing Guide content
  • Complete Final Certification Call to exhibit an in-depth knowledge of HVP concept, the report debrief process, answer any questions, and discuss strategy for use


Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

  • SHRM: 7.5 Credits
  • HRCI: 6.5 Credits
  • ATD: 7.5 Credits
  • ICF: 5.5 Core and 9.6 RD


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Hartman Value Profile - Self (Sample Report)

Hartman Value Profile - Sales (Sample Report)

Hartman Value Profile - Management (Sample Report)