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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Assessments 24x7 (A24x7) require bulk/ volume purchases like other assessment providers?

No, we do not require quantity purchases. You can pay-as-you go and still enjoy the lowest pricing industry-wide.

Does A24x7 have Account Sign-up Fees and Annual Renewal Fees like other assessment providers?

NO FEES! There are no account setup or monthly fees of any kind. However, because these accounts include thousands of dollars in free multimedia DISC training materials, we do require a small initial assessment purchase to get started.

If I want to buy assessments in bulk/volume, do you offer even lower prices?

Yes, we offer our clients additional discounts at a range of volumes to fit any business size or need.

What are your customization and branding capabilities?

When it comes to customization, we cover it all. Many clients desire to brand deliverables and configure the assessment experience to their business and customers. This is not commonly available with our competitors and industry. Our customization capabilities extend to reports, web screens, emails, assessment content, API’s, translations and various materials and downloads. Contact us to discuss your customization needs.

Customer service is important to me and usually lacking with other assessment companies — how are you different?

As our name implies, we provide timely, responsive, around-the-clock customer service, live and online. We partner with you until your questions are thoroughly answered. Our founder has been a keynote speaker and author on the subject of customer satisfaction for more than 40 years.

How is your tech support and platform? I need something that I can count on.

We have the BEST back-end assessment platform — period! It was developed by a professional IT team led by a sales & marketing expert with more than 35 years of experience in the assessment industry.

As an Assessment Coach and re-seller, other assessment providers limit who I can and can't sell to. Does A24x7 place similar limitations on my growth?

No, we don’t control how you do business with our tools. While other assessment providers may place a choke-hold on how their client coaches advertise and market themselves, we do not. Furthermore, we will facilitate your growth with free, customized marketing consultations and sales collateral to help you achieve your goals.

Does A24x7 provide training materials and support for their assessments? What do they cost?

Yes, and they're FREE. We provide STRONG SUPPORT AND TRAINING MATERIALS to you AT NO CHARGE, including videos, MP3s, eBooks, PowerPoint slides, exercises, handouts, a Leader Guide, A/V files, etc.

Explain your software/server network and its security?

Our system is built on Microsoft server platforms utilizing SQL Server and .NET technologies. The servers sit atop VMWare virtual server-driven hardware. This hardware resides in and is maintained by redIT International in their World Trade Drive facility in San Diego, CA. redIT infrastructure includes a full network security hardware and software, multi-layered power redundancy and multi-sourced large-scale internet portals.

Is there a difference between the paper version and the online version of DISC?

The ppaper-based version is an easily-administered 30-item assessment which includes use of three interpersonal settings to maximize contextual authenticity: work, home, social. Each of the three standard interpretive graphs are plotted to enable a complete view of your preferred style, and since the DISCStyles assessment can be completed in only 10-15 minutes, you gain valuable time for individual coaching sessions or group discussions.

The online version uses the same 30 questions and also requires the user to select a "focus" (work, home, social) to ensure the end user is in the proper "frame of mind" while taking the assessment. Once the assessment is completed, the end user will submit answers, and a report will be generated immediately.

Our DISCStyles assessment has been crafted specifically to assist organizations in understanding how behaviors impact the success of their employees, and how it all links to the bottom line. Based on theories originally developed by Dr. William Marston in the late 1920's, and adapted for effortless facilitation and corporate buy-in, our DISCStyles assessment is a highly-validated tool, trusted by several Fortune 500 companies, the United States Military and professional consultants worldwide.

Our DISC reports are as much prescriptive as they are descriptive. In other words, our DISC reports are unique because they teach users specific skills to improve their own interpersonal interactions. While our reports do go into considerable detail in describing users' natural DISC behavioral style, we believe this is really just the first step. Our reports empower users with specific recommendations unique to their profile. When utilized, these skills have the ability to enact powerful and demonstrable returns.

What is a DISC assessment access link?

In order for you to distribute a DISC online assessment, you will log into your Admin. (CAA) account and create a unique "assessment access link". This link can either be sent to an individual to complete one or more assessments, or a single link can be created for a group of individuals to complete one or more assessments. The parameters of the link(s) are set by you, (for ex: name, group, expiration date, ability for end users to view reports OR block end user access to reports, etc.). You can also set up the link so that you (the account admin.) or any individual(s) will automatically receive a copy of each end user's report as they finish them.

How long does it take to complete the DISC online assessment?

There are 30 questions to complete for the DISC online assessment (any version — Self, Sales, and Leadership). It should take about 15 minutes to complete. Remember, you do not want end users to spend too much time on any single question; end users should answer with their initial 'gut instinct'.

Why would an account admin want to block end user ability to view reports after completing their assessment?

There are several reasons why an account admin. may not want an end user to immediately view their reports. Typically, coaches do not want their clients to review the results before a debrief because the end user is usually not trained in DISC and does not have the education, background, or skills to appropriately analyze the results. In other words, the coach wants to be there with the end user to go over the information presented in the report and explain it in a meaningful way. Trainers may want to block the attendees from seeing their reports until the actual seminar or workshop where the trainer distributes the reports and goes over them with the group at the appropriate time during the seminar/workshop.

Are any quantity discounts available?

Our pricing is based on the volume of your purchase. We offer 4 levels: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. If you would like a copy of our discount pricing sheet, email us at "" and we will be happy to email one to you. Please include in your email address, and whether you are an independent coach/trainer or an inside corporate coach/trainer.

What is the process once an online DISC assessment has been purchased?

Once you purchase your assessment(s) from within your admin account, the credits (one credit per assessment/report) will populate your account immediately. You can then log in and set up your assessment access link(s) to email out to your end user(s), inviting them to take one or more assessments. Basically, you handle everything — purchasing credits and setting up links — from inside your admin account, and then email the link to your end users from your own email account.

What happens after I purchase a paper-based DISC assessment?

You cannot purchase any paper-based assessments from inside your admin account. However, you can go to and purchase the paper-based DISC assessments directly there. They will ship out to you from either Akron, OH or Amherst, MA according to your instructions on the purchase page.

Will you distribute online profiles to my participants if I provide the names?

Typically, the account admin (you) will handle distributing the assessment access link(s) to all participants. It is a quite simple process — once you create the link you will copy/paste that link into an email (sample template provided) and send that email out to your end users. All end users in any designated group will receive the SAME link from you, so you can send the link out in a single email. If anonymity is an issue, simply “BCC” everyone.

That our superb Customer Care team would be happy to help distribute links if you provide us with an Excel document. Just call either Ashley at 206-400-6647 x2 (Pacific Time) or Suzette at 206-400-6647 x8 (Pacific Time) for the details.

Do you offer help in interpreting profile results?

As part of your account, we provide you with a wealth of DISC Trainer Material resources to help you interpret and debrief reports, including a DISC Report Debrief Guide. You can also call 206-400-2746 (Pacific Time) or email ( at any time if you have specific questions. We will be happy to help you.

What different group reporting options are available?

We have 4 different "Group Reports" available for DISC: 1. DISC Group Graphs: Shows all the DISC graphs (Natural and Adapted) for each member of the selected group. 2. DISC Integrated Behaviors: Shows how each member of the group ranks in intensity for the 12 Integrated Behaviors. 3. DISC Team Report: This 20-page report provides several team snapshots, including an overview of the combination of different behavioral styles within the team and where each person falls on DISC (Behavioral Pattern View) Wheel. 4. DISC Team Wheel: Plots everyone in a particular group on the DISC (Behavioral Pattern View) Wheel.

These group reports are FREE and can be generated at any time in any quantity from your Consultant Admin Account (CAA).

Do I need to be certified to use DISC?

Absolutely not. Certification is not required to administer DISC, to interpret the results or to give presentations on DISC. However, many of our customers find that the DISC certification provides them with a deeper understanding of the DISC model and the tools available for report debriefing, program facilitation and client coaching.

For those who are interested in DISC certification, Assessments 24x7 provides Dr. Tony Alessandra's DISC Virtual Training and DISC Communication Coach. See more here.

Is DISC available in other languages?

Yes, DISC is available (screen instructions, questionnaire and reports) in English, UK English, Spanish, Mandarin, French, German, Dutch, Portuguese (Brazil & Portugal), Malaysian, Indonesian, Turkish, Swedish and more to come. DISC is also available (screen instructions and questionnaire only) in approximately 80 languages using Google Translate.

You can send us your request to to add any of the DISC Languages to your Admin. Account. We'll be more than happy to provide all of the language options available to you.

What does the acronym D.I.S.C. represent?

The letters D, I, S and C represent the four primary behavioral styles presented in the DISC model. D represents Dominance, (firm and forceful, confident and competitive, decisive and determined risk-takers,) I represents Influence, (outgoing, optimistic, enthusiastic people who like to be at the center of things,) S represents Steadiness, (genial team players who like stability more than risk and who care greatly about relationships with others) and C represents Conscientiousness, (self-controlled and cautious, preferring analysis over emotion.)

You can find additional information on the DISC assessment here.

I've seen some versions of DISC with the lowercase i; what is the difference?

"DiSC" with a lowercase 'I' is a trademark of Inscape Publishing, formerly Carlson Learning, now owned by John Wiley & Sons. "DISC" with an uppercase 'I' is used by other DISC assessment companies, including Assessments 24x7.

Can I use DISC as a hiring tool or for employment screening?

Many organizations use DISC as part of their hiring process. Profiles are an excellent tool that can help you understand a person's preferred style of behavior.

The DISC survey is designed to provide valuable information about an individual's favored natural and adapted communication preferences. Information in the DISC report should not and is not used as the sole basis for consideration of selection for employment, promotion, salary adjustment or job position. A candidate's credentials — education, hard skills, industry experience, work track record, job interview, etc.— are significant factors in the job hiring process.

I'd like to use DISC with my clients, but I'd like my name in front rather than Assessments 24x7?

Terrific! We have many customers with the same objective. We have the ability to add any company name or logo to your reports in place of the Assessments 24x7 logo, free of charge! Just email your logo to and we will gladly add it to your reports. There is also an easy step-by-step guide on how to change the logo yourself, if desired.

Do you offer facilitator resources to present DISC workshops or training sessions?

Yes, The DISC Video Training Program. This program is a Comprehensive Video-Based Training Program that can be taught in either a half-day or full-day format. It includes a 48-minute video divided into several sections with lively lecturettes by Dr. Tony Alessandra (Hall-of-Fame Keynote Speaker) as well as entertaining vignettes by professional actors. It also includes a comprehensive 50-page eLeaderGuide (PDF) with easy step-by-step instructions for facilitating the entire training program PLUS 10 online DISC Assessments, each with a 84-page DISC eWorkbook and a 68-minute DISC MP3. Additional trainer materials include the 220-Page People Smart in Business PDF eBook, one month access to the DISC Virtual Training Program, the basic DISC 108-slide presentation, several group exercises for trainers, several audio/video files and vignettes, and the 52-week DISC email series for participant follow-up.

How can I request a trainer to present a DISC training program at our facility?

We have over 1,000 coaches/consultants/trainers that represent our DISC materials, assessments and programs all over the world. We will work closely with you to determine your meeting objectives, time frame and budget for your program, then select a trainer that's perfect for your situation. All of our DISC trainers are highly qualified with years of presentation experience. We also offer DISC Certification and DISC Facilitator Materials if you prefer the Do It Yourself approach.

How do I purchase DISC profiles for a group?

We offer quantity discounts when purchasing several DISC assessments for your group/team. Quantity price breaks start at 10. Once you purchase a quantity of DISC assessments, we offer group reporting at no additional charge! There is an easy step-by-step guide on how to generate several different group reports on the left-hand menu located on the home page of your Assessments 24x7 account.

What are Assessment Credits?

You will need to have assessment credits in order to allow participants to complete assessments. One assessment report equals one assessment credit. Or, alternatively, you can be set up with a billable monthly account, in which case we would pre-load your assessment account with a bulk number of assessment credits. We will keep your credit card info on file, and bill your card on the first of every month ONLY for the credits used during the preceding month.