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At Assessments 24x7, the quest to ensure our members are the most knowledgeable and best equipped consultants continues with our revolutionary DISC Workshop Leader Certification! Developed by an in-house team of assessment industry professionals, with over 80 combined years of experience in public speaking, group training and curriculum development, our DISC Workshop Leader Certification equips consultants with both the know-how and tools to confidently lead five different immersive courses. Whether your next workshop is for a group of 5 or 500 participants, you need the confidence and content that normally only come after months - or even years - of research and development. What if you could have it all now?

DISC Workshop Leaders possess a premier turnkey solution to lead five different workshops (full or half days) rooted in DISC’s invaluable lessons for improved self-awareness, effective behavioral adaptability and persuasive communication. Each of our DISC Workshop Leaders receive the guidance and ready-made materials to lead live workshops on the topics: Self-Awareness & Communication, Transitioning from Peer to Leader, Trust-Based Leadership, Making Teams Work, and Sales Optimization.

"Tell me more about the five courses I will be trained, equipped and certified to deliver as a DISC Workshop Leader?"

I. Self-awareness and Communication

This course guides workshop participants on a path of heightened self-awareness and personal discovery. DISC Workshop Leaders can make this their cornerstone seminar, revealing each participant’s unique behavioral style blend and “how to” apply that knowledge prescriptively, boosting communication effectiveness. Studies indicate that 92% of workplace conflict is the result of misunderstanding and communication breakdowns. Entire organizations can apply DISC’s prescriptive lessons of behavioral adaptability to reduce employee conflict and turnover, increase productivity, and optimize team performance.


II. Transitioning from Peer to Leader

The belief, “employees don’t quit jobs, they quit bosses” may never pose a greater risk than during times of individual employee elevation, and the inevitable interpersonal dynamic-shifts that can accompany it. Transitioning from Peer to Leader is a course tailor-made for participants in transition from individual contributors to leaders - whether it be supervisor, manager or executive. DISC Workshop Leaders will guide newly minted managers through an engaging leadership course, centered around understanding successful leaders’ many-faceted roles and responsibilities. Participants will be prepared for commonplace social changes, how to circumnavigate employee stressors by employing DISC communication skills, and how to effectively communicate performance objectives. Lastly, participants will receive guidance in developing action plans to apply what they’ve learned. Transitioning from Peer to Leader may begin with a promotion, but it requires far more than just adapting to a new job.


III. Trust-Based Leadership

Our strongest relationships are rooted in trust. Unsurprisingly, an organization’s most critical relationships exist between its leaders and individual contributors. DISC Workshop Leaders can rely on this turnkey course to help organizations create an environment of leadership influence rooted in trust - through communication, credibility and confidence. This workshop’s participants will explore the impact their leadership style has on others, through participatory activities and reviewing practical examples. Learned best practices include the importance of excellent listening as a leader, creating an environment of accountability and identifying individual versus team needs. By remaining behaviorally conscious of the leadership roles and responsibilities which ultimately foster trusting relationships, organizations can create a working environment that’s fertile for growth, retention and expansion. If there were such a thing as Leadership 101 in a workshop training environment, this would be it.


IV. Making Teams Work

Teamwork is defined by Merriam-Webster as, “the combined action of a group of people, especially when effective and efficient.” With this fourth incredible course, DISC Workshop Leaders will have everything they need to instill organizations with the skills, strategies and tools to create teams that gel and excel. During this skill-building course, workshop participants will learn how to assemble teams based on complementary behavioral styles, in order to enhance communication, cooperation and project-based outcomes. Additionally, participants will learn how to distinguish among varying workplace attitudes and behaviors, utilizing the remarkably insightful DISC Team Dynamics report. Simply put, Making Teams Work means making a bottomline difference.


V. Sales Optimization

One of DISC’s most intriguing applications is leveraging its behavioral profiling and adaptability methodology for sales. After all, it’s a well established fact that buyers are more likely to do business with sales professionals they can relate and identify with. During the Sales Optimization course, DISC Workshop Leaders will begin by teaching participants about the basics of DISC: first understanding their own behavioral styles and then how to identify the behavioral styles of others - even within moments of meeting them.

Being able to efficiently identify the behavioral styles of others, empowers professionals with the insights to adapt their communicative “selling style”, to meet the communicative “buying style” of their prospect. But as any seasoned sales professional will tell you, winning a new client is really just the beginning of the professional selling process. Building and maintaining your relationships is critical for sustained, reciprocal sales success. So participants will also learn how to strengthen these relationships, in order to transform buyers into brand advocates. Other topics covered in this course include: identifying client needs, managing client expectations and a complete exploration of the sales process from A to Z. If you’re a sales coach or consultant that uses DISC, the Sales Optimization course alone is worth becoming a DISC Workshop Leader.


What does each enrollee receive?

  • Our authoritative and internationally-accredited DISC Certification program (ICF, SHRM, HRCI, and ATD accredited for continuing education units). Learn more about this awarded and self-paced certification program, plus everything it includes HERE.
  • Virtual instructor-led training sessions with an experienced facilitator and content knowledge expert, to become a certified DISC Workshop Leader. Attend these multi-session trainings with our experts to learn “how to” deliver each of the five DISC Workshop Leader courses, including an overview of each course and best practices for their facilitation.
  • 8+ hours of virtual, live instructor-led training via Zoom (as detailed below). Plus additional, periodical "Group Update Sessions" every 4-6 weeks as new program enhancements, materials, resources and other developments are introduced. Like all of Assessments 24x7 certification programs, our instructors remain available for additional, unlimited and complementary 1-on-1 sessions as-needed for additional guidance, training or support.
  • ▪ 30-min "Curriculum Introduction & Preparation" (1-on-1 session: instructor     led via Zoom).

    ▪ 2-hour "How to Lead Successful Workshops" (Group session: instructor led       via Zoom).

    ▪ 1-hour "Self-Awareness & Communication" (Group session: instructor led via   Zoom).

    ▪ 1-hour "Transitioning from Peer to Leader" (Group session: instructor led via   Zoom).

    ▪ 1-hour "Trust-Based Leadership" (Group session: instructor led via Zoom).

    ▪ 1-hour "Making Teams Work" (Group session: instructor led via Zoom).

    ▪ 1-hour "Sales Optimization" (Group session: instructor led via Zoom).

    ▪ 30-min "Certification Completion" (1-on-1 session: instructor led via Zoom).

  • Additional virtual updates and roundtable calls with our experts and other DISC Workshop Leaders.
  • Upskill opportunities to learn more about each individual course.
  • Facilitator tools, tools, and more tools! Complete PowerPoint Presentations with Facilitator Notes, Leader Guides with specific instructions for guiding the workshop process, Participant Guides, Planning Checklists and Materials Lists. Plus additional workshop tools to create and facilitate a successful learning experience.
  • 30 DISC assessments that you can immediately use or re-sell to offset your certification investment.
  • Receive your listing on the Network of Workshop Leaders. Each listing promotes your expertise (via custom profile page) and enhances your personal website’s SEO (via site link). View it HERE.
  • Receive your invitation and password access to join the DISC Workshop Leader Training Forum. Join this private, members-only site to access your DISC Workshop Leader facilitator resources, marketing collateral, receive real time training updates, participate in forum discussions with other DISC Workshop Leaders and much more!



Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

  • SHRM: 27 Credits (includes 12 credits from DISC Certification)
  • HRCI: 21.5 Credits (includes 10 credits from DISC Certification)
  • ATD: 27 Credits (includes 12 credits from DISC Certification)
  • ICF: 11.25 Core and 21.0 RD (includes 5.25 Core + 12.0 RD from DISC Certification)



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