"I recently went through your DISC Virtual Training Program on line as provided by Assessments 24x7. I found this program to be of exceptional quality and it brought me tremendous value.

I come from a Blue Chip Corporate background and have experienced lots of great training over the years; however, nothing ever as comprehensive with such a high quality of information and advice as this particular program. The lessons will be invaluable to me in my endeavors to master such an important subject.

I would have no hesitation in recommending this very credible training program to my clients and would like to thank you for taking the time to provide such a high quality learning experience!"

David Poxon, ActionCOACH


The DISC Interactive Virtual Training System isn't just a simple set of videos, it's a fully interactive program. Produced with cutting-edge multi-million dollar training and communication technology, it trains, tracks, monitors and measures each and every student in real time. Whether you're a business coach seeking authoritative DISC Certification that's both comprehensive and flexible OR you're a business leader seeking a one-stop shopping solution that brings your entire office to DISC proficiency, this virtual interactive training system is enjoyable, engaging and most of all, effective!

Train When You Want, Where You Want

It's almost like having Dr. Tony Alessandra in-person, personally training each member of your organization on how to become proficient at utilizing DISC. DISC's behavioral style communication strategies are renowned for increasing sales, customer loyalty, internal communication and team building.

The DISC "Interactive Virtual Training Program" was built in real-time reporting and notification metrics to make sure everyone is learning and succeeding. The value of this interactive virtual training program is in the understanding, retention and successful implementation of this powerful content.

Engage in Real-time

The DISC "Interactive Virtual Training Program" is a fully-engaged tool that teaches you the lifelong skills to quickly identify any person’s DISC style — whether it’s a customer, employee, colleague, vendor, etc. It uses professional actors displaying behaviors typical of different DISC styles, followed up by questions presented by Dr Tony Alessandra.

Following each choreographed scenario, Dr Tony Alessandra will ask you a follow-up question such as, “Do you recognize this person’s DISC style?”

If you answer YES, then you are asked to choose whether that person is a D, I, S, or C style. Once you choose a style, you are presented with four major adaptability categories for subsequent reinforcement and training.

If you choose NO, you are asked to make two either/or decisions based on a series of observable behaviors. First, you’re asked if the person is more Open or Guarded, (using a list of observable behaviors,) and then you’re asked if the person is more Direct or Indirect, (again using a list of observable behaviors.) These questions logically walk you through the learning process, engaging with you in real-time so that you can learn at your own pace.

The DISC "Interactive Virtual Training Program" is a comprehensive learning system that can teach anyone how to recognize anyone's DISC type, in any setting. You'll be amazed at how thorough and insightful the training is.

Improve Performance & Productivity

The DISC "Interactive Virtual Training Program" teaches you powerful life skills that will serve you well in all your relationships: business, public and private.

It's a resource for individuals and organizations desiring to improve performance, increase productivity and to positively persuade other people. Unlike most behavioral assessments, the 38-page reports generated from our DISC Assessment are as much prescriptive as they are descriptive! In other words, we spend as much time teaching users how to improve their own productivity and interpersonal interactions as we do teaching them about their natural DISC behavioral style. We realize that you are about to invest time and money in our online assessments, so we want you to come away with fast, effective learning strategies that get you immediate results. The DISC "Interactive Virtual Training Program" has two parts: Understanding Yourself and Applying DISC Styles.

DISC assessments are invaluable solutions for any individual and organization that wants to optimize team building, prevent misunderstandings and provide specific behavioral strategies for selling, managing and communicating with all individuals.