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The DISC Collaboration Report shows how two people, (in a single report,) interact with each other after having taken the online DISC assessment, in order to help them develop a better working relationship.


The DISC behavioral style is only one element within a working relationship, but it is one of the most crucial, as it defines how individuals interact and communicate with each other, which is critical to the success of any workplace effort.


Immediately resolve conflict or preempt it before it happens.  Use the report with managers and their direct reports, amongst co-workers or even between managers themselves.


The DISC Collaboration Report presents the key features of the interrelationship between any two individuals, highlighting side-by-side the likely areas where they have both similar and dissimilar perspectives and behavioral tendencies. The report shows specific areas where differences in perspective could lead to potential misunderstandings, and offers possible solutions for conflict resolution.


In any dual relationship, each individual has their own distinct way of doing things.  Used proactively during team-building and employee selection processes or in response to interpersonal conflict, the DISC Collaboration Report consolidates all of the important aspects of each unique interrelationship. 


In short, the DISC Collaboration Report is loaded with information about both individuals’ respective styles and how each, with the in-depth knowledge of the other’s behavioral preferences, can optimize interpersonal and professional workplace outcomes.


The DISC Collaboration Report produces many insightful suggestions, for both individuals, organized by specific sub-sections, including:

  • DISC Scores
  • Behavioral Style Overviews
  • Strengths & Struggles
  • Work Style Tendencies
  • Communication Do’s & Don’ts
  • Workplace Motivations
  • The 12 Integrated DISC Relationships

DISC Collaboration (Sample Report)

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