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By combining our robust DISC and Emotional Intelligence assessments, we’re effectively pairing two of the world’s most powerful behavioral instruments into a single tool. Users receive an objective analysis coupling their innate behavioral style (via DISC) with their learned emotional IQ style (via EIQ-2).


In simplest terms, DISC is an invaluable behavioral profiling system that teaches users how to identify— and use to their advantage— the predictable aspects of communication. Based on the research of Dr. William Moulton Marston, DISC is the most widely-used behavior profiling tool of its kind, supported by decades of research and continuous validation. Its relied upon by individuals and organizations around the world to drive improved performance and increase productivity across a variety of settings and professional frameworks.


The EIQ-2 assessment helps users understand the way they apply their emotional intelligence in terms of style, preference and behavior. A person with a high emotional intelligence is more likely to be aware of and manage his/her behavior in stressful workplace situations. That balance lends itself to improved decision-making and leadership. Similarly, a person with a high emotional intelligence is also likely to be better at “reading” the emotions in others, thereby engaging them for more profitable and mutually beneficial outcomes, whether that be in sales, management, customer service or collaborative projects.


DISC and EIQ-2 combination reports are available in one general and two targeting variations:

  • DISC Self & EIQ-2
  • DISC Sales & EIQ-2
  • DISC Leadership & EIQ-2

DISC Self + EIQ-2 (Sample Report)

DISC Leadership + EIQ-2 (Sample Report)

DISC Sales + EIQ-2 (Sample Report)

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