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    Our progressive “wholistic” five Core Assessments approach
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For more than 25-years, Assessments 24x7 has been synonymous with "innovation". Our goal? To innovate with new and forward-thinking assessment methodologies (like our internationally accredited five Core Assessments) and the proprietary technologies (like our white-label dashboard and mobile app) developed to empower the world's leading coaches, consultants and corporate trainers with a one-stop solution... entirely custom branded to you, not us.


The 20th Century has come and gone...and at Assessments 24x7 we are embracing a new era for coaches, consultants and corporate trainers. A 21st Century answer for professionals who seek an affordable assessment solution, that is simultaneously customizable, comprehensive and forward-thinking.


One size does not fit all...nor should it. Today's coaches, consultants and trainers deserve a simple solution for the complex challenges they will face. We've engineered that solution for you and so much more... What are you waiting for? Join our global network of coaches, consultants and trainers, who are making the switch every day to a better, more affordable, more customizable and more comprehensive answer for evidence based coaching.



DISC Assessment

The Trusted Industry Leader for Independently Tested Assessments

The Assessment Standards Institute (ASI) reports the overwhelming majority of assessments sold today lack the studies & reporting to verify their accuracy and fairness. Of the small minority which do claim this reporting, the majority of those were conducted privately - not openly by an objective and qualified third party. However Assessments 24x7 is raising the bar within this otherwise unregulated "Wild West" industry. Our assessments are leading verifiably by example, with independently conducted validity, reliability, and disparate impact reporting that meets APA, EEOC, AREA, and NCME standards for excellence and professional compliance.

Our goal? To ensure the confidence and trust of both members and end-users alike, by providing the most scientifically accurate and legally compliant assessments available today. This is why we believe in a policy of total transparency, with every study's report available for your review, and available to be shared with your clients and colleagues. In an apples-to-apples comparison, we believe our assessments and reports will prove to be TOP CHOICE among industry professionals who value accuracy, compliance and objectivity.

The Assessments 24x7 Advantage

"We provide consultants with a comprehensive solution for their entire assessment business - completely custom branded to each member!"

As online assessments become increasingly relied upon by businesses of all sizes, word is spreading among industry insiders that Assessments 24x7 has uniquely positioned itself by offering clients previously unheard-of low pricing, customization, flexibility and around-the-clock customer support.


In addition to the industry-leading accuracy and quality of our assessments, below are a few reasons why Assessments 24x7 is the #1 choice among industry consultants and business leaders around the world.


Online Assessments - a 21st Century Solution for Business

Many of the world's most forward-thinking organizations rely on our assessments to ensure the desired outcome of their stratagems for hiring & selection, performance evaluations, skills training, team-building, conflict management, promotion & succession planning, organizational restructuring, employee retention and leadership development. Assessments work by introducing scientific measurements to someone's critical thinking skills, motivations, potential skill proficiencies, work styles, behavioral characteristics and personal values.


You can think of assessments as "MRI tests" constructed to evaluate and reveal someone's complete cognitive makeup. Simply stated, modern online assessments reduce risk and take the guesswork out of the greatest business variable of them all: human capital.



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