Consultant Admin Accounts

Manage your assessment dashboard across all devices

Business consultants, coaches, corporate trainers and HR professionals are ideal candidates to open a Consultant Admin Account (CAA) with Assessments 24x7. Opening a CAA means instant access to any of our online assessments, team reports, trainer materials and marketing collateral from your own, white-labeled online dashboard.

Best yet? It's FREE. There are no setup fees, expenses or annual requirements associated with opening your own Consultant Admin Account (CAA). All of your dashboard’s features are 100% free, like unlimited team and group reports, conflict resolution reporting, onscreen DISC benchmarking, marketing collateral, trainer materials, workshop facilitator materials and much more! The only thing you will ever pay for are the wholesale assessments themselves.

Are you already using assessments but constantly struggling with:

  • Inability to differentiate yourself from your assessment competitors?
    Our system enables you to personally customize your reports so that they look different from your competitors’ reports, by incorporating your relevant content.
  • Your brand being subservient to the assessment supplier’s brand?
    Only YOUR logo and contact information appear on the reports and assessment site. We are here to ensure YOUR success with our products.
  • Assessment supplier inflexibility and poor, untimely or non-existent service?
    We provide timely, responsive, customer service, live and online. We partner with you until all of your questions are thoroughly answered. Our founder has been a keynote speaker on the subject of customer satisfaction for 40+ years.
  • Infrastructure assessment administration that is too difficult and/or inflexible?
    We have the best back-end assessment platform - period! It was built by a sales & marketing expert, (along with his IT staff,) who has been in the assessment business since 1974, rather than being developed by IT people alone. Our tech motto is: "keeping it simple, is smart."
  • Restrictions on how and where you can advertise your assessments?
    We do NOT control how you do business with our tools. You can freely market our assessments, without constraints.
  • The high quantity of purchased assessments required before you get a decent price?
    You qualify for our quantity discounts at lower volumes and lower prices than our competitors.
  • Monthly or yearly fees just for the privilege of purchasing assessments from your current supplier?
    We charge no fees of any kind – you pay only for the assessments you use, with no minimum purchase requirements.
  • The difficulty in getting DISC training materials from your present supplier at a reasonable cost?
    We provide FREE, high-quality training materials to you at no charge, including videos, MP3s, eBooks, PowerPoint slides, exercises, handouts, a leader guide, A/V files, etc.

How Would My Consultant Admin Account Work?

  • Begin by customizing the site and reports with your logo, branding, headers, footers, etc.
  • Purchase assessments as needed online via credit card. Your assessments will immediately appear in your Admin Account for instant, 24x7 access.
  • Send emails to end users containing a unique link which authorizes those users to take one or more assessments from your account.
  • End users click on the link in your email, which directs them to a web page where they fill in their name and email address, and complete the assessment(s).
  • Track your Admin Account status to see how many assessments have been used, how many are left, who has completed (or not yet started) their assessments, etc.
  • You can then send reminders to those who have not yet completed their assessments.
  • You, as the Administrator, control the viewing access of the assessment reports. If you plan on discussing the end user results and report during a seminar or coaching session, you're able to block end user access to the report until after your seminar or coaching session. Conversely, you can elect to have your end users view their reports immediately after completing their assessments. The choice is yours.
  • View reports of any/all of your end users’ activities from within your Admin Account.
  • Print the collective results of a group of end users for team building and group coaching. This feature is extremely useful when you're working with a group and want to see at a glance how everyone scores in relation to one another.
  • Set up sub-accounts/groups which allow alternate access levels for clients or additional trainers. Their specified level of access will allow them to manage only a designated set of end users.

Still undecided? Here are just some of the account features & functions our members enjoy:

Site Branding  - Allows you to add a design header and footer to the web page to match your company design.
Report Branding and Customization - Allows you to customize the report output for any assessment. This includes logos, text edits or overall formatting at no extra charge.
Assessment Links - Allows you to create links which give access to your assessments.
Support  - Allows you to choose between using our online support resources or designating your email address as the first help desk responder.
Secure SSL Capabilities - Allows you to run your assessments via https or http environments. If https security is desired, this is made available for an extra charge of approx. $99.00 per year.
Usage Reports  - Allows you to generate usage reports for web screen viewing or Excel download. These reports display totals and individual assessment usage over any given date-range search.
Viewing Data  - Allows you to view all the end user data and reports taken via your assessment links.
Group and Team Reporting - Allows you to run composite reports based on groups or assessment access links. These reports include all selected end users and combine them into one report. The ability to customize these reports is also available at an extra charge.
Sub-Accounts  - Allows you to grant assessment access to individual companies, trainers or coaches.
Sub-Account White-labeling & Report Customization - Allows your clients to white-label their online assessment questionnaires and PDF assessment reports (for free). In effect, your sub-accounts become full-fledged Consultant Admin Accounts (CAAs) themselves. Plus, your client accounts have the option of requesting additional report customization for a charge, (pricing varies based on complexity.)
Credit Card Processing (e-commerce) - Allows you to use your own credit card merchant account and gateway system to accept credit card transactions and sell assessments to any company or trainer via your MDS. This feature is designed for you to set up client accounts and enable those accounts to purchase assessments directly from your MDS, (saving you countless hours of billing each month,) whereas in the CAA environment, sub-accounts use assessments deducted directly from your own account totals, in which case you would responsible for billing your sub-accounts independently from our system.


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